The Oracle Who Wore Sunglasses

I first came across Oracle several years ago when the founder, Larry Ellison, formed a ray ban black wayfarer team of the same name in the America’s Cup, for which my father was hired. What began as a family connection became work experience when I interned in the cool sunglasses for men department of Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood City this summer. After becoming more familiar with Oracle, I feel that it is a company I can see myself working for some day. Now I am interested in learning what it is that makes Oracle one of the world’s leading brands.

My first interaction with the company was based solely on their brand image. The Oracle logo was everywhere; on the pens and other stationary items scattered around my father’s office, on the t-shirts, shorts, and jackets of his colleagues who are now life long friends, and finally, on the boat itself that raced off the shore of Valencia, Spain in 2009 and won the 33rd America’s Cup. Before I understood what Oracle did, I understood who they were and it was mostly because of their logo. They stood for sleekness, simplicity, and strength.

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As I got older, I began to see Oracle for more than just the image it was projecting.  One of the most interesting things I learned was that, although the team was named Oracle Racing after Oracle Corporation, the two were actually completely separate entities. Larry Ellison used his own personal finances to fund the America’s Cup team; it was not paid for through Oracle Corp. Furthermore, I discovered that Ellison’s company had little to do with the world of sailing and sports, but had everything to do with computer technology, of which I knew little about. This factor became even more daunting when I applied for the internship at Oracle’s headquarters.

I had very little knowledge of what Oracle actually produced, who their customers were, and why they were so successful. Having completed my internship, I can tell you a few things about their most recent acquisitions and product launches, however, what I really learned about was Oracle’s corporate culture. As you would expect from any Fortune 100 company they have the best of the best. Oracle’s employees are hard working, ambitious, and goal oriented. They are efficient, resourceful, and innovative. In short, they are great at what they do, but more importantly, they love what they do, and this is what makes them such a pleasure to work with.

This is the main reason I have chosen Oracle.  I would love to become a permanent member of the marketing department. For several years now I have been exploring this company, beginning from the outside and working my way in. By studying the firm’s financial position and learning how this affects the day-to-day operations, I am hoping to gain a new perspective on this company, a perspective that will surely help me understand general business activities, as well as bring me closer to achieving my future goal.