The photographing of certain facilities is prohibited. Non-observance of this prohibition may result in unpleasant situations (eg fisticuffs). With the confiscation of the camera is to be expected in any case.

A list of affected facilities is available from the Burkinabe Ministry of Tourism. A translation of this list can be requested from the German Embassy under the tourist infrastructure in Burkina Faso is, apart from the capital Ouagadougou and the second largest city Bobo-Dioulasso, mainly on a simple level.

Travel by land / air traffic: Ouagadougou is from Europe with several airlines reachable directly or weekly with change. The entry and exit by land via the neighboring countries is possible. It is advisable to perform only travel with a reliable and safe vehicle transport links (road vehicle). Is recommended to take out comprehensive black sneakers insurance.


Money: The currency is the parity in the CFA franc pegged to the euro (1 EUR = 656 FCFA).

Export of bronze articles: While staying in Burkina Faso acquired souvenirs made of bronze must be stowed in the luggage when leaving by plane. Bronze items are classified as dangerous goods and may not be carried in hand luggage as such.

For detailed tourist information, the Embassy cheap polo ralph lauren shoes for men recommends contacting the “Office National du Tourisme Burkinabé” (ONTB), 03 BP. 70 68, Ouagadougou 03, Tel. +226 50 31 19 59 or with the Burkinabe Embassy in Berlintravel documents must be three months on the journey out valid.
A yellow fever vaccination is mandatory. Upon entry of the vaccination certificate must be presented. 
Children are not more entries since 26.06.2012 in a parent’s passport valid. Every child needs a separate identity document.

Visa: German nationals require a visa to enter Burkina Faso. This must be requested before arrival at the Embassy of Burkina Faso.

Entry requirements for German citizens can change at short notice, without the Foreign Office shall be informed beforehand. Legally binding information and / or beyond these notes information about the entry requirements you only get directly to the Embassy or the General Consulates of your destination country



The Last Cheese

Prime Minister’s intervention to protect the embassy after assuming the SPG and the ability to conform to the Boeing 747 is refueled. On the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of ed hardy perfume Nehru by the Congress Party, was speaking at an international conference held on Monday. Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru once remarked that the wealth of knowledge with the noise but it is not. But he promoted the ideas and he always stood for the values ​​they are all the more relevant. ”


Rather they seek to enhance solidarity and brotherhood in the society to take political advantage, but the society is ripped. ” We do not give importance to democracy of India which, he is Nehru’s greatest achievement and legacy of the long struggle. ”

Those who win the victory they should not dominate your head. Should not feel discouraged them to defeat all. The way the hearts and daggers perfume election results is more important than winning and losing. Is the right way to lose than to win unfairly. ”

Gandhi said that India could only be secular. He said, “Nehru’s not perfect, it has proved that the multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-sectoral parliamentary democracy and a secular government in society just might keep the country together. He said the country’s first prime minister, secularism and respect for all religions was a question of faith.

Can you even believe that all of these events happened this year? I will be sure to outline and let you know of the full story.

Understanding the Truth

Researchers, Mendonca said that the work of modernizing the President Getúlio Vargas Refinery (Repar), for example, he negotiated the payment of bribes directly with Duke. He said there was already an understanding between the then nighthawk ac1900 router of Services and Ricardo Pessoa (president of UTC) that all contracts of the “club” should have contributions.

“The declarant negotiated bribes directly with Duke and hit pay the sum of £ 50 million to £ 60 million, which was done between 2008 and 2011. Duke had a manager who, acting in his name, who else was treated with declarant named Peter Barusco “describes federal prosecutors in their report. Swiss authorities have blocked $ 20 million on behalf of Barusco.

The request sent to prison Justice, the prosecutor says there were transfers from the “club” the former director in the works, beyond repair, the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj), the Urucu-Manaus and Cabiúnas of drilling rigs, refineries beyond Paulinia (SP), Abreu e Lima (PE) and Henrique Lage (SP). The “club” still remains at $ 4.2 billion in current contracts with Petrobras. “If you are paid a percentage of 3% kickback on all of them, the value of the diversion of resources currently happening will be approximately R $ 120 million, “prosecutors charged out of the investigation.


Tax havens. According to the two whistleblowers, the money was paid in bribes by contractors, via offshore in countries Uruguay and Switzerland, the companies indicated by Alberto doleiro Youssef, appointed as responsible for the best wireless router of embezzled funds. Then were transferred to the former director or manager Peter Barusco, his subordinate at Petrobras. Not infrequently, the payments were made ​​in cash.

In their testimonies, the whistleblowers scheme – who expect to have their sentences reduced after collaboration with Justice – said the cartel of contractors works at least since the 1990s defrauding contracts. Among them was a group of VIPs, supposedly formed by Odebrecht, UTC, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez and OAS, which had greater power of “persuasion” to be with the best contracts.

“With this power of persuasion, the VIP club secured the refinery Rnest (Abreu e Lima) just for them,” said Augusto Mendonça investigators.

Health authorities in India have found rat poison in prescribed to 14 women who died after sterilization surgery, medication last week. The information was released on Saturday (15) by the Indian media.

The Lost History

It was my time once, many years ago now. I was her. Standing under that tree in the garden. Standing with the man I loved. My very own high school sweetheart. Looking at him and seeing my whole life ahead of me. Looking into his eyes, then down to the ring on my finger, then down at my white dress and his Columbia Bahama ii short sleeve shirt.


Screaming. Shrieking. The pain is unbearable. Blinding light. Bodies hovering above me, holding me down, forcing the life out of me. The final push. Blood gushing, sweat pouring. Tears streaming down my face. And then it all stops. I close my eyes and let go of everything, feeling the breath leave my body.

They hand her over to me and I cradle my beautiful little girl in my arms, rocking her back and forth as she falls asleep. I fall asleep too and I dream of the day that changed my life. The day that had seemed so uneventful. The day I walked to class and kicked up the Autumn leaves along my path, the day I ate lunch with my sweetheart and he told me again that he loved me. The day that I smiled and kissed him but didn’t say ‘I love you’ back. A day no different from the others we had spent together. Until that night, when we made love  and the condom broke and he didn’t know and I didn’t know. We had always been so careful and who could have guessed and what could we do.

And so my bags are packed. I’m standing in the darkened room, my husband sleeping soundlessly in our bed. I can leave him behind. Leave my daughter behind. I had a chance to begin anew. Start over. My lover would take me away. I could do the things I never got to do.

But I knew I would not do it. I could never leave my baby girl. Leave her to live a life forever haunted by abandonment. Leave her to live with a choice that was never hers to make, a choice she would never understand as anything less than her fault. Never. How could I ever? Had I really planned to go through with it? Or was it a plan always destined to fail? I turn to look at my sleeping husband, so unaware of the thoughts consuming me. I look to the window and I see my lover’s face. His smile falls and he knows that I know it’s all over. The raindrops quiver on his eyelids, while tear drops form beneath mine. It’s all over. I quietly place my bags back in the closet and tiptoe back to the bed. I gently slip in next to my husband and let my head roll back onto the pillow. I close my eyes.

I stand at the window in my long dressing gown, looking at the place where my lover’s car had been. Fifty years ago to this very day. I look back at my husband sleeping just as peacefully as he had on that night when I tried to leave him. His grey hair so thin, his skin so wrinkled. Next to him, a picture of our daughter on the side table. She stands in the garden with her sweetheart and their children, the same man she stood with all those years earlier in the warm spring of her senior year. But she tells me they are still madly in love and I know they are. With that happy thought, I tiptoe back to bed and gently slip in next to my husband, the man I could never leave because he gave me the daughter I could never love more. I slip in next to him, and let my head roll back onto the pillow. I close my eyes and see my lover and as my last breath leaves my lips I whisper his name into the darkness. He is my untold story, my secret truth of a life and love that never was. My lost history.

Romans All Up In This

Just like modern day architects in major cities the Roman architects of Tarraco designed the city to impress visitors and establish pride amongst the local citizens.  Tarraco was built as a sort of model city, and it is reflected in the layout of the ancient city.  The layout of the city reflects the values of the local inhabitants and the visions of the architects.  There are also striking similarities between the layout of Tarraco and that of major U.S. cities, both in the attempt to build the model city and to reflect the values of the inhabitants of the city.

Just like in modern cities, the Roman architects strove to build a thriving entertainment center.  Both the amphitheater and the circus were created right next to each other.  This alone establishes a distinguished neighborhood which is dedicated to the games and arts.  Both structures are within walking distance and easily accessible to the citizens and tourists visiting the city.  Both the amphitheater and circus were ambitious buildings, created to impress visitors and instill pride within local cities.  They are not unlike the Football and Baseball stadiums of U.S. countries.  The amphitheaters and circus were defining marks of the culture and prestige of cities in the U.S.  The romans wanted beats by dre headphones prices.

Just as many stadiums such as Wrigley Field in Chicago are defining landmarks and beloved icons of their cities, so were the amphitheaters and circuses of ancient Rome.  The gladiator fights and chariot races were held in high esteem, just as sports such as football, basketball, and baseball in the United States today.  The great effort put making the amphitheater and circus in Tarraco prove how much these activities meant to the ancient Romans. How much do beats headphones cost?

The location of both the Circus and amphitheater so close to the beach also show that the Romans enjoyed the Mediterranean and the residents of Tarraco were proud of they’re beaches.  The amphitheater and circus were great attractions to the visitors of Tarraco and the location of the two showcased the beautiful coastline brilliantly.  Centering their entertainment district so close to the beach showed that the Romans enjoyed spending time there.   The layout of the entertainment district in Tarraco is fairly similar to that of San Diego.  San Diego is very proud of its beaches and bays, but up until recently the downtown area by the bay had become dilapidated and dangerous.  Great steps were taken to revitalize this area and recreate it as the heart of San Diego

They won the World Series


Presented to the Rector of the University of Rome Sapiens excavation activities and research that archaeologists of the Wisdom of Romastanno pursuing in southern Iraq and that they will find new momentum thanks to the direct contribution of Viejo, with the donation of a Daily 4×4 Mission Abu Beira. The vehicle will be useful to make it easier to move the archaeologists and the instrumentation since the excavations south of Nasiriya in the course of four years, has now added the activity of maintenance and restoration of many of the treasures from Temple near the biblical city of Ur, famous because it keeps the first arc of the skull candy hesh 2 is still intact, the Royal Tombs and especially the famous Ziggurat.


“For an archaeologist in the skullcandy hesh 2 “get their hands” on the Ziggurat of Ur is a bit ‘as a classical archaeologist be to restore the Coliseum, practically one of the commitments of the most exciting career, “explains enthusiastically Lucia Romano, one of the researchers who was already in Iraq in 2010 The ancient city of Ur, where the home-mission of the group, is the most important archaeological site in southern Iraq, where are concentrated the major monuments of the period Sumerian needing technical intervention Urgent definitely not deteriorate.


“Corsairs in our sea” is an exhibition dedicated to the fascinating history and not very well known that he had as the Mediterranean theater. It is illustrated in its various aspects and curious with images, charts, documents. A story that has affected the navigation and the coasts of the mare nostrum between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, giving life to an intense production of art and folklore.

One of the pirates is one of the many stories he tells our sea, both as the Mediterranean mare nostrum, whether as “our most” down to the Adriatic coast of Romagna, whose beaches are now a familiar and safe place for excellence, but where one of the last raids of pirates and the first bathing, between 1820 and 1840 took only two decades.

A day at my high school

I am a student at William McKinely High School. Yes, it’s the glee club high school. I’m pretty much fed up with people singing down the hall ways and dancing on tables in the cafeteria wearing their cheap mens dc shoes like they think they are cool or something.

I’m writing this article to expose the horrible things that go on behind the scenes at this school and to shed light on how someone who isn’t a “glee” guy feels about the whole thing.

While I usually skip out on 1st period to go check out some stores that sell dc shoes, today was different. I decided for the purposes of this article that I needed to go back and experience a full day of terrifying gleefulness.71QlpDuRmuL._UX575_

My hands were shaking as I rolled into the school parking lot and I knew that at any moment I would be attacked by the totally straight mens football team that just so happens to be able to dance like they are in the Russian ballet.

I get into the parking lot and all of the sudden there are about 100 kids standing in the parking lot dancing and singing about how hard it is to be rich and beautiful.

I get into the school and the teacher are all singing and dancing about how much it sucks to be a teacher.

It’s absolutely torture everywhere I go everyone is so gleeful and I think I know why.

Everyone is on drugs.

It’s true. They don’t know it but the principal of the school has secretly been putting a gas form of ecstasy into the ventilation system in the school. This dubious act is what has brought our school to this point, everyone is just so freaking high.

Smash Crazy

USED 345-B005DKJRTC-2This is a stressful game In the images provided by the color corrector makeup of the Cassini spacecraft, the mysterious puzzle looks bright against the dark background of the sea of oil. It has been sighted for the first time by the Cassini spacecraft during one of his many around Titan flyby in July last year. Previous observations had not found any sign of the brilliant features in that part of the sea of lies. And even further observation made cyclically had detected the strange phenomenon.

But during the Cassini flyby of August 21, the “mystery” was made visible again but this time his appearance had changed in the past 12 months compared to what was observed in July 2013. Using data from three telescopes of NASA’s space – Hubble, Spitzer and Kepler, astronomers have discovered that there would be clear skies and vapor of boiling water on a gas planet that lies outside of our Solar System. The small planet called color correcting primer, has the size and mass similar to Neptune, orbiting a star cooler than the Sun and is located in the constellation Cygnus, from Earth 120 years light. The discovery of the atmosphere for astronomers is a major step forward in the study of planet formation.

The measurements made so far indicate that planets similar to HAT-P-11b have atmospheres rich in high molecular weight or full of clouds, or contain particles, spreading the light, make the sky blue. The results provided by the three telescopes show that HAT-P-11b is still sunk into water vapor, hydrogen and other molecules probably still be identified. (Red) The data analysis of HFI shows that the emission of electromagnetic waves by soft interstellar dust clouds, constituted by grains of solid material dispersed in the galaxy at the end of the evolution of stars, has a slight degree of polarization.

This effect in the sky is never zero, although there are regions where it is minimal. The discovery calls into question the data collected so far on the polarization of the cosmic background, which is considered a trace of the hypothetical process of cosmic inflation, ie, the rapid expansion that would have given rise to the entire observable universe today from a tiny fraction of the early universe. The polarized emission of the dust of stars, cannot be eliminated, in fact overlap, and contaminate the weak polarized emission of the cosmic microwave background.

All You Need To Know About Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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The silicone based Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer promises to transform any shadow product into that perfectly blended, intensified and color drenched version it promises to be, then perfectly locks it down until you are ready to remove it. With a soothing formula, Two Faced eye shadow primer smoothes out the lines and soothes your eyelid’s skin tone while acting as a barrier between your makeup and your skin; keeping you safe from eye shadow catastrophes.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a versatile product that can be used with almost any cream or powder eye shadow product. It is also concentrated: a single rain drop sized pinch is able to cover the whole lid. Quality is no compromise when it comes to this product. Specialists at Shadow Insurance have taken their time to formulate a perfectly safe and trustworthy product that contains no harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, synthentic dyes, petrochemicals, and etcetera.

How To Effectively Use The Product

For the best results when using Too Faced Shadow Insurance, apply a small amount on to cleaned and dry eyelids using a finger. Wait for 30 seconds before applying your shadow of choice for more intense smoky eyes.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is currently available in the market. To get your hands on one, the Internet is one of the best places to shop for this product as there are plenty of sellers out there, including the maker of the product, offering it. The great thing about Shadow Insurance is that it is relatively priced and is therefore affordable to almost everyone. For the best eye shadow solutions, look no further; with Too Faced Shadow Insurance your worst eye shadow nightmares will soon become long forgotten.

Where Them Bees At?

Bees have been disappearing for almost a decade now. I think it’s like, more than 25% of all the honeybee population has been lost in the United States alone. They are losing bees in Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, France and other European nations, and there are several theories as to why this is happening. They think its things like Benton springs, pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies, Benton springs Columbia, mites and even GMO crops. They are slowly figuring it out but before getting into that, I think it’s important to understand why bees are so freaking important in the first place!


The bees travel from plant to plant, carrying male genes to the female plants to assist the process. This system is known as cross-pollination, and it helps at least 30% of the world’s crops and 90% of our wild plants to thrive. To sum up, if bees didn’t exist, neither would a large portion of the plants we need to survive. And yes, there are alternative methods to growing these crops, so the human race is not necessarily on the brink of collapsing. However, this seemingly small problem has consequences that grow exponentially. So although we humans may not die, we may also have a harder time living well.


In 2005 it was estimated that the total worth of global crops pollinated by honeybees was at least $200 billion. This is a huge economic issue for the farmers, venders, and consumers of agricultural products. But just what exactly are the implications? First, farmers who suddenly find themselves with a scarcity of bees for their crops have to rent bee colonies from other suppliers. The scarcity has already jacked up the price of the colonies, reportedly as much as 20%. Subsequently, farmers with higher fixed costs will have to account for this by increasing the prices of selling their crops to vendors, ultimately increasing the price for consumers. With food shortages already a huge problem in many countries, the loss of bees could be detrimental to the living conditions of people all around the world. Additionally, it is important to look at the issue from another perspective: consider what will happen to other species of animals that rely on those plants for survival. Without bees to spread flowers and plants, other animals could lose their main source of food and go extinct as well.


So why exactly are the bees going extinct? Scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Department of Agriculture have identified a deathly concoction of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives. The researchers collected pollen from hives on the east coast and fed it to healthy bees, while a control group of bees was not fed the pollen. The test group experiences a “serious decline in their ability to resist a parasite that causes Colony Collapse Disorder.” An analysis of the composition of the pollen found that an average of nine different pesticides and fungicides, and one sample contained a toxic combination of 21 different chemicals.


The study concludes that fungicides play a larger role in CCD than was previously believed. Unfortunately, the issue is a difficult one to combat, as it is not just the types of chemicals that need regulation, but spraying practices as well. A particular issue, as outlined in the following article link below) seems to be the government’s reliance on the controversial corporation, Monsanto, to solve the problem through advanced biotechnology. Unfortunately, Monsanto is focusing on manipulating the genes of plants to tolerate stronger pesticides, and this will only worsen the issue of disappearing bee colonies.


The best solutions to the problem are the following: Better legislation for farmers on pesticide use, encouraging consumers to choose organic food thus spuring a demand for healthier farming methods, and finally higher investment in research for organizations such as Green Peace and Beeologics, a research firm that is currently testing bee health and finding ways to reduce the spread of disease through colonies.

I Understand Why He’s So Obsessed Now

I understand why hes so obsessed now

Some crazy psycho bloggers using telescopes in space, ESA’s XMM-Newton and Chandra NASA have discovered a tantalizing clue about a so cumbersome as elusive ingredient of our universe: dark matter. The cosmic puzzle that neither emits nor absorbs light, and that can only be detected through its gravitational influence on the movements and appearance of other objects in the universe, such as stars or galaxies.

On the basis of this sonyxperia evidence, astronomers believe that dark matter is dominant in the Universe. Now might be a clue to how she was discovered by studying clusters of galaxies, the largest assemblies of cosmic matter bound together by gravity. Preparations that contain not only hundreds of galaxies, but also a large amount of hot gas that fills the space between them.

However, measuring the gravitational influence of such clusters or cluster you will discover that constitute only one-fifth of the total mass – the rest is occupied by dark matter. The gas with which astrophysicists have to do is mostly hydrogen and, more than 10 million degrees Celsius, hot enough to emit X-rays Traces of additional elements in X-rays are “lines” at specific wavelengths.

A parachute made ​​for trapped plasma in a magnetic field may soon help the spacecraft to return to Earth safely. Two private aerospace companies have been awarded contracts by NASA to demonstrate the operation of the sony x the magnetic bubble that surrounds the spacecraft during re-entry. It would be like a protective shield for the Earth’s magnetosphere, which protects it from solar radiation.

Such an artificial bubble around a spacecraft creates drag and slows the speed of the vehicle. The first test will be next year. If successful, the innovative system could become reality for future spacecraft that will land with heavy human missions to Mars or return to Earth

A certain amount of red lettuce Roman for a while ‘time is growing in conditions of micro gravity in the spotlight inside the International Space Station. The news was announced by NASA. The American space agency announced that it has activated a system of plant growth on the ISS. It is the first system to produce fresh food in orbit. The cultivation takes place in a special room called “Veggie” Vegetable Production System, which provides the lighting and nutrients to the seeds.

DONE 346-B00E391NW8-1

After eight years in orbit, the ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft has completed scientific observations of routine and getting ready to take the plunge recklessly hostile atmosphere of the planet. Venus Express was launched by a Soyuz-Fregat from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, as far back as November 9, 2005 to arrive at Venus on 11 April 2006.

During all these years has been buzzing around Venus in an elliptical orbit of 24 hours at about 66 000 km above the South Pole – global offering incredible views – at an altitude of about 250 km above the surface of the north pole, near the top of the atmosphere of the planet. With a suite of seven instruments, the spacecraft has provided a comprehensive study of the ionosphere, the atmosphere and the surface of Venus. Venus Express has taught scientists how variable the planet fornando data and clues about how it might be changed in the course of its long history began about 4.6 billion years ago along with the Earth.



Best Loreal Voluminous Mascara Review – Why You Should Use This Product

Have you been looking for a new mascara because the one that you are using is not providing you with the results that you would hope to have? There are many products on the market today, some of which are made by Maybelline, Younique and Lancôme. Although these companies do provide quite a few different choices when it comes to mascara, there are very few that can compete with L’Oreal. One of their latest creations, probably their best, is called Loreal Voluminous Mascara. Here’s a quick Loreal Voluminous Mascara review that you should read so that you can make your final choice.

Why you should choose L’Oreal

One of the reasons that people choose to work with this company when they are purchasing their cosmetic products is because they put so much time and effort into creating quality products, some of which are reasonably priced. Whether you are looking for foundation, eyeliner, or their patented mascara, you really can’t go wrong. Millions of people trust this company with their appearance every day, which is why you should consider looking at using their mascara.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara Review

The reason that this particular mascara is so different from the others is because of two key ingredients. First of all, there is the application brush which can easily apply the mascara to your eyelashes without clumping or flaking. The second reason this product is so good is because of a unique formula that they use that contains ceramide-R and something called panthenol which is an ingredient that is proven to help with the application of the mascara itself. All of this combined, along with the wax, oil, pigments and preservatives, creates the perfect combination for mascara that will have your lashes looking fantastic. Hopefully you have enjoyed this Loreal voluminous mascara review and it will motivate you to give this product a try to see that it can do for you.

The Oracle Who Wore Sunglasses

I first came across Oracle several years ago when the founder, Larry Ellison, formed a ray ban black wayfarer team of the same name in the America’s Cup, for which my father was hired. What began as a family connection became work experience when I interned in the cool sunglasses for men department of Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood City this summer. After becoming more familiar with Oracle, I feel that it is a company I can see myself working for some day. Now I am interested in learning what it is that makes Oracle one of the world’s leading brands.

My first interaction with the company was based solely on their brand image. The Oracle logo was everywhere; on the pens and other stationary items scattered around my father’s office, on the t-shirts, shorts, and jackets of his colleagues who are now life long friends, and finally, on the boat itself that raced off the shore of Valencia, Spain in 2009 and won the 33rd America’s Cup. Before I understood what Oracle did, I understood who they were and it was mostly because of their logo. They stood for sleekness, simplicity, and strength.

143 - Ray Ban Sunglasses

As I got older, I began to see Oracle for more than just the image it was projecting.  One of the most interesting things I learned was that, although the team was named Oracle Racing after Oracle Corporation, the two were actually completely separate entities. Larry Ellison used his own personal finances to fund the America’s Cup team; it was not paid for through Oracle Corp. Furthermore, I discovered that Ellison’s company had little to do with the world of sailing and sports, but had everything to do with computer technology, of which I knew little about. This factor became even more daunting when I applied for the internship at Oracle’s headquarters.

I had very little knowledge of what Oracle actually produced, who their customers were, and why they were so successful. Having completed my internship, I can tell you a few things about their most recent acquisitions and product launches, however, what I really learned about was Oracle’s corporate culture. As you would expect from any Fortune 100 company they have the best of the best. Oracle’s employees are hard working, ambitious, and goal oriented. They are efficient, resourceful, and innovative. In short, they are great at what they do, but more importantly, they love what they do, and this is what makes them such a pleasure to work with.

This is the main reason I have chosen Oracle.  I would love to become a permanent member of the marketing department. For several years now I have been exploring this company, beginning from the outside and working my way in. By studying the firm’s financial position and learning how this affects the day-to-day operations, I am hoping to gain a new perspective on this company, a perspective that will surely help me understand general business activities, as well as bring me closer to achieving my future goal.